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can I have an email ?
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Author:  simonsphotos [ Sun Oct 08, 2006 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  can I have an email ?

sssssooo I have registered and have the totaly free plan using a freehostia sub domain. now can I have an email or not ?

this is important as I am displaying my photography and am watermarking my web address and e-mail on the pictures to prevent them being reused and don't want to go thru all the process more often than necesary.

so can I or can't I have an email on a free account with a sub domain (for example

Author:  Phill [ Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:57 am ]
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Yes, it says on the plan that you get up to 3 free email accounts, without smtp.
This is for spamming reasons. So, no smtp means that you cant send emails, only recieve. Also, they say you cannot use their domain ( for email, but i have done it before unknowingly of this. lol. Open a trouble ticket if you want their word on it.

I would suggest signing up for a gmail service instead.

I would also suggest that you could register for a free domain name as as it looks more professional and you could also have an email address like info However, ive tried the email thing before with and i dont know why, but i guess becasue there was no smtp, it wasnt receiving emails. But you could clear this up with them maybe. Maybe.

Author:  Spiros [ Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:41 pm ]
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The free account allows you to have e-mail addresses, as Phill said. However, you can only use them for receiving mails, not sending. Your SMTP server is disabled, for the reasons Phill said.

BUT: You can only get an e-mail address if you added a TLD (domain) to your account. With your sub-domain you won't be able to add any e-mails.

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