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12 The script is working. #53
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Author:  picpak [ Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  12 The script is working. #53

No matter what I do, that's all that this page will say. The rest of the site loads just fine.

I tried renaming the file, putting it in a different directory, even changing lines 12 and 53, but to no avail. Here's the code (it's pretty huge):



if(!$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) { ?>

Here is the links section. You can choose a section below:<br /><br />
<a href="#links">Links</a><br /><br />
<a href="links?linkback">Link To My Site</a><br /><br />
<a href="links?submit">Submit Your Link</a><br /><br /><hr />
<a name="links"></a>
<strong>L</strong> means that the site links back to us.<br /><br />
<a href="">Digital Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
A GREAT site. Most of the people have found my site from there. I recommend the strips section, G.R.O.S.S. club,  and discussion forum. (This was formerly Calvin and Hobbes - Resurrected.) <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">C&amp;H Hideout</a>: <br />
Even though it's abandoned, it's still a great site. Apparently, their new site is <a href=""></a>. However, I have no real proof of this.<br /><br />
<a href="">..: Simply Calvin and Hobbes :..</a>: <br />
A great site with a nice layout. I recommend the "Weirdness" section. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes: Magic on Paper</a>: <br />
Only site I've seen with pictures of illegal C&amp;H items, as well as other things. <br /><br />
<a href="">The Calvin and Hobbes Album</a>: <br />
This site has a ton of content and a great design. Recommended! <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation</a>: <br />
This site features a radio show, links, information, and more. I recommend the "strange facts" section. <br /><br />
<a href="">Everything Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
A message board devoted to Calvin and Hobbes. Quite a few C&amp;H webmasters visit it. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Cool Calvin and Hobbes Collection</a>: <br />
This site was recently relaunched, and it's definiately worth checking out. I recommend the "Photo Merges" section. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">The Calvin and Hobbes Page at Craig's</a>: <br />
There's a lot more information on this site than you may think. I recommend the Downloads section.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin for President</a>: <br />
Nice site. I recommend the 'day in the life" section. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin The Boy Of Destiny</a>:<br />
This new aspiring website has a well thought-out layout and a lot of information. Well worth the visit! <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Resource Center</a>: <br />
What DOESN'T this site have? It's full of great stuff. I recommend the animations and strip archive, categorized by many categories.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Fireside</a>: <br />
A great site with a nice layout. I recommend the e-cards and "Lassi ja Leevi" section. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes: A Sad Goodbye</a>: <br />
A great site. However, it is currently under construction. The old version is still online.<br /><br />
<a href="">Fiona's Calvin and Hobbes Page</a>: <br />
Nice site with goodies, animations and others. <br /><br />
<a href="">The Official Calvin and Hobbes Site</a>: <br />
All this site has is a strip of the day, and the discription of Bill Watterson is more like a description of Calvin and Hobbes. But check it out, just 'cuz it's official. <br /><br />
<a href="">La Page Calvin and Hobbes par Seb 404</a>: <br />
If you are French, this site's for you. It has a simple layout, and a guestbook that I almost understood! :-) <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Spaceman Spiff Saves The Day!!</a>: <br />
A nice little site that, if you have Quicktime, you can listen to music.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes' Magical World</a>: <br />
A site with quite some information. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin's Alter-Egos</a>: <br />
A site about Calvin's alter-egos. <br /><br />
<a href="">Perenolde's Unoffical Calvin and Hobbes Page</a>: <br />
A good C&amp;H site with contests. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Unplugged</a>: <br />
Features the Indubitable Calvin and Hobbes Encyclopedia, and In Search of Bill Watterson.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
Another nice litle C&amp;H site, it features mainly the basics. Although it's kinda fun to watch the animations go across the page.  <br /><br />
<a href="">The Spaceman Spiff Launchpad</a>: <br />
A newly updated C&amp;H site with a great look. It is still being worked on, though. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes World</a>: <br />
Is this a popular name for C&amp;H pages or what? Anyway, check it out. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes: The New Era</a>: <br />
Neat site. I recommend "Hobbes' Diary". <br /><br />
<a href="">The Calvin and Hobbes Experience</a>: <br />
This site needs to be noticed more. It has a great use of frames and Java, and seems to be influenced by the defunct CAHR. <br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes at Brubaker's</a>: <br />
The "Arnold And The Horror Tiger" section is, well...different.<br />
<a href="">Adam's Calvin and Hobbes Page</a>: <br />
A Calvin and Hobbes site with quite a bit of information. Check it out.<br /><br />
<a href="">Best of Friends: A Calvin and Hobbes Fanlisting:</a><br />
I was bored, so I joined this C&amp;H fanclub.<br /><br />
<a href="">Magical World: The Calvin and Hobbes Fanlisting:</a><br />
Here's another C&amp;H fanclub. There's lots of 'em!<br /><br />
<a href="">
Gouri's 'Calvin and Hobbes' World of Fun</a>: <br />
I finally found an existing link to this site. It's pretty good, actually.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes at Nya-Nya</a>: <br />
A nice, full featured Calvin and Hobbes site, with a prominent link to mine. Cool! <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">The Little World of Calvin and Hobbes</a>:<br />
This new site is full of information, and has a creative layout.<br /><br />
<a href="">C&amp;H Avatar House</a>: <br />
Calvin and Hobbes avatars made by yours truly.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Wonderland</a>: <br />
A fairly new site. I recommend the wallpaper. <br /><br />
<a href="">C&amp;H Index</a>: <br />
Some people have WAAAAY too much time on their hands. This is a good example of them.<br /><br />
<a href="">Dan's Calvin and Hobbes Page</a>: <br />
A nice site, featuring my avatars. I'm flattered! <br /><br />
<a href="">Tracer Bullet For Hire</a>: <br />
A nicely designed site that features the Tracer Bullet comics.<br /><br />
<a href="">Dan and Drake!</a>: <br />
I'm assuming it's a parody of Calvin and Hobbes, but with the main characters' names being visitors of this forum. Should I at least tell him I'm a guy? <br /><br />
<a href="">C&amp;H Characters Fanlisting</a>: <br />
Yet another C&amp;H fanlisting. Not as big as Best Friends, but it's still a very cool fanlisting.  <br /><br />
<a href="">C&amp;H Directory</a>: <br />
Sort of like the (now-defunct) C&amp;H Website Directory, only isn't. It also features directories of pics, animations, movies, etc. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">don't mock my</a>: <br />
FINALLY! A site dedicated to Hobbes' smock! I'm loving it. <br /><br />
<a href="">Complete Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
Very interesting layout, and if you can't find them, the links are on the side and at the bottom. Very nice, I recommend the Fan Art section.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
Nice layout, much like Simply Calvin and Hobbes and C&amp;H Fireside (where do they get that font, anyway?) Also has different then usual sections, such as Summer, Winter, and School.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Land</a>: <br />
A cute little Calvin and Hobbes site, with comics, animations, and more.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Coolzone</a>: <br />
A small Calvin and Hobbes site with good information.<br /><br />
<a href="">Hamster Huey - The Book</a>:<br />
It had to happen someday...Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie, the book. Think the townsmen will ever find Huey's head?<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Snowart Gallery</a>: <br />
Currently, it's offline. If it weren't, it'd be exactly what it says it is.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes: A Boy and His Tiger</a>: <br />
Sure, we'll get rid of slimy girls, but not the one who makes this website. It has a nice layout, and good information.<br /><br />
<a href="">The "Official" Calvin and Hobbes Site</a>: <br />
A nice little Calvin and Hobbes site; surprisingly, the news section is really cool. However, they may get in trouble advertising themselves as an official C&amp;H website.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes officail website</a>: <br />
A nice, new site by visitor Kat. Nice use of Flash!<br /><br />
<a href="">Bradley and the Jumpy Tiger</a>: <br />
This site's huge! It doesn't have much information, but it's got a lot of fun sections, including his own overwritten Calvin and Hobbes comics. I love the reference to my site in the first comic. :D <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Bios by Igiboy</a>: <br />
A nice looking Calvin and Hobbes site with character bios, pictures, FAQs, and more. Good for people new to Calvin and Hobbes. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Unofficial Calvin and Hobbes Website</a>: <br />
This website has a nice, simplistic look, and useful information.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Halo</a>: <br />
A parody of Calvin and Hobbes and Halo. Interesting.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes House</a>: <br />
A site by Jacob, featuring comics, games, movies, links, and more. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes</a>: <br />
What this site does is track down information on the rare book, <a href="">Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes</a>. Interesting idea!<br /><br />
<a href="">Isaac's Calvin And Hobbes Website:</a><br />
This former C&amp;H site is back after a short period of downtime. At the time of this writing there's no Calvin and Hobbes content to speak of, but that should change over time. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin + Hobbes = GREAT!</a>:<br />
This new site currently features comics, polls, a forum and a guestbook.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Sector</a>:<br />
Although small, as of now this C&amp;H site has character bios, a links page and a theater section.<br /><br />
<a href="">Obi Hobbes Kenobi Homepage</a>:<br />
As he likes both Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes, this site combines both of them on one page. Interesting idea. <strong>L</strong><br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes movie!</a>:<br />
This small site is attempting to get a list of people who want a Calvin and Hobbes movie, and then sending it off to Warner Bros. Although ambitious, I'd personally try to get Watterson's permission first rather than Warner Bros.<br /><br />
<a href="">Calvin and Hobbes Video Game</a>:<br />
It's along the lines of the previously mentioned site, but this time it's for a Calvin and Hobbes video game. He simply asks for ideas this time around.<br /><br />
<a href="">N.A.P. Inc. TV .com | Calvin and Hobbes</a>:<br />
Calvin and Hobbes movies! Not to mention, some animated gifs too. Fun!

<? } elseif ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == "linkback") { ?>

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Link to it using the HTML code below:<br /><br />
&lt;a href=""&gt;
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Of course, if you do not wish to remote link the images, you can just save and upload them to your own site.

<? } elseif ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == "submit") { ?>

The links list is continually add your site, use the form below:

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<? }
include(''); ?>

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

Author:  Hinty [ Sun Oct 14, 2007 7:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

wat problem r u getting cus im not gettin 1

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