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Css style swicther
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Author:  WhiteTiger [ Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Css style swicther

Hello again.

I use a javascript style switcher on my site.

I have experienced this problem before, but just had to re do a style sheet in the past, which for some reason worked.

I have just added a christmas style sheet ( currently and alternative style sheet) and want to make it my global/main style sheet, but when i set the main style sheet to it, all the other style sheets are effected.
Eg. the menus of the other style sheets have the same background as the one i just added as my global style sheet.

This confuses me, i thought it could be something like a chache problem, but i tried clearing them and have tried 4 different browsers that show the same thing.

I have tried changing between my new sheet and my old global sheet several times but each time the same thing happens.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

My site is

i will appreciate it if anyone can help with this.

EDIT: XD figured it out myself again, i never noticed why before but after playing around it seems if the alternative style sheets don't have a border or a background it will use the background of the global sheet, so i went through the style sheets that didn't use background images and put background-image ="" which was annoying but worked none the less.
xP thanks anyways again lol.

I then realized only Firefox and IE worked like that so i went and made a invisible/transparent square image and set it as the background of other other sheets that seems to work.

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