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My Basketball Simulation League
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Author:  Blinkz [ Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  My Basketball Simulation League

Hey everyone.. check out my basketball leauge... the National Basketball Simulation League.... Join if you're interested

Author:  leoe [ Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:25 am ]
Post subject:  nice layout

I like the way the site is layed out. Really organized and to the point, without any unnecessary links. The Splash screen seems redundant, though. Aside from displaying a (damn funny) picture, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other then forcing the visitor to click yet again and go through another page before getting to the core content. This pretty much gives him a second chance to change his mind about browsing through the site to begin with. I say skip the intro page, and drive the visitor staight to the meat. If you really want to keep the cool graphic, I'm sure you can think of a way to incorporate it into the rest of the site, whether directly on the front page or somewhere in a special "about" page. Also when I click on the banner it takes me back to the logo screen. I can't imagine too many people would want that to happen. Anyway, good work on the NBSL. I'd gladly join, but honestly I've never been too much into basketball.

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