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 Post subject: SQL Big Thinking.
PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:03 am 

Joined: Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:38 pm
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When it comes to my web projects I am a big thinker. Currently my website that is hosted with freehostia is using ~2.5 mb of database space, and I barely have any content on it. It uses joomla, because I am just too lazy to create a site from scratch. So it is database driven.

I hope that my website will become a success. I hope that it will grow. The best plan you have comes with 120mb of database space, you can add 10 more mb for an extra $1 /mo

When it comes to big thinking, limitations can be the most concerning thoughts.

the biggest plan is 9.95 /mo. You are still limited on the amount of databases you can have and the database storage before it becomes more economically feasible to switch to another provider that offers unlimited space + unlimited databases.

If my database driven website becomes "huge" lets say for example the size of a PR 10 website. With a lot of content and user interactivity, the site may end up being shut down within the first 2 weeks of the month, or seize up, because there is no more database space to hold all of the data.
(your post on this forum was sucessful, database space error, please contact the site's administrator.)

It is currently $1 for 5gb more of traffic, $1 for 10mb more of sql disk space, and $1 more for an additional database. to keep a database quary to a minimum you should attempt to keep your database size under 20gb by rule of thumb. so for every 20 GB of database space your looking at spending an additional $3 + $1 for every 5gb of transfer for every 4 people that access your site, with the additional database space. and they visit every page it will cost an additional $7 on top of the 9.95 bringing your base cost with 4 visitors accessing every page to $16.95.

My math is a little off, as you are really getting 140gb of database space at that point in time. but I think I have made my point.

Now for the real big question...
Is there any plans on offering a more "unlimited" style hosting plan? for example, a dedicated server? Or even just a dynamic website package, where it does not have so much file space but more sql space?
Or, at that point in time should I plan on migrating to another host? I do realize that you probably pay bandwidth charges, which is why you have to pass the buck.. But when is enough going to be enough?

I love freehostia's services don't get me wrong. I also hate migrating data. But, Business is Business. When it comes down to it, keeping costs down and profits up, a business has got to do what a business has got to do! Being shut down in business due to exceeding bandwidth limits, is not going to prove to be successful.

So please, I ask of you to start thinking about this matter as when the time comes we will be talking business...

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