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Problems with a java applet
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Author:  DEVoTi0N [ Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Problems with a java applet

I like your service and I'm currently running a forum hosted by you. Now I wanted to intergrate a chatfunction in my forum. I choose to work wit PJIRC (i know, hosting irc is not allowed, but this is a webbased IRC client, so compleetly legal :P).

I scripted a few things, so the chatfunction could intergrate into my forum. I uploaded everything, and.... i didn't work. I was sure I had everything right, so I tested the files on my own server: voilà, they worked. Tested them on my old :x account: they worked again. But in order to fully intergrate the chat into the forum, they must be hosted by the same server.

So it seems to be like problem is with the host. Could you guys please look into this.

(No files exceed the 512 KB limit.)

Author:  steve [ Mon May 01, 2006 5:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Please open a ticket ( and explain the problem (also provide more detailed info, concrete paths, filenames etc) and we will assist you in resolving this issue.

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