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Account Privacy Issues
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Author:  Pineware [ Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Account Privacy Issues

In relation to, i agree with zebra in that tech support should not be able to see users passwords. I am not questioning your security systems, but believe that passwords should be 100 percent confidential and hashed before stored in the database to prevent viewing of the password as plain text (which is evidently possible as I know from my own experiences that tech support can view users passwords)

I will not argue my point, as i realise it will simply be overlooked and the thread eventually locked by moderators, I simply ask that other users that who are concerned with tech support's ability to view our passwords to post here and say they want this changed.

Again, I will not argue my point and I urge others who post in this thread not to as well to hopefully prevent them locking it, the only way this will be changed is if enough users are unhappy with the current system and request change. Please post here and vote on the poll in support of preventing tech support from viewing our passwords.

Thank you to everyone who helps, and a big thank you to zebra, who brought this issue up initially.

Edit: I do not know why I posted this in this forum (wasn't paying attention). Could a moderator please move it to somewhere more appropriate?

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