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Please help me to solve this error.
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Author:  steveb123 [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Please help me to solve this error.

Yesterday i checked the error of my sites in webmaster tool and i have seen on totally unique error.
1st Error.
1> Can any tell me what is the difference if site will open without "www." Or with "www." ?
2> I have seen in webmaster tool that i have got the links from same domain but the difference is the domain is without "www."
3> When i open my site with "www." it show Google+ votes but when open without "www." it shows zero Google+ votes.
4> I rode one article about this issue and i have seen that Google consider one individual domain with "www." And without "www." is other domain. Is this true?
5> is it necessary the domain without "www." is improper?
6> If i open my site without "www." The domain is not redirect to "www." Domain. Why?

See this :-

Open this "" and open this "" both working.

2nd Error.

1> On my site Google cached some page twice on different date in the difference of 4 to 5 days. Why?
2> Google considers with "/" and without "/" both are different page.

See this :-

"" - Google cached date :- 12 Jul

"" - Google cached date :- 7 Jul

Please give me your suggestions,
Thanks in advance.

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