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Using SSI to create conditional content
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Author:  davemartin1965 [ Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Using SSI to create conditional content

I'd like to be able to use the IF, ELIF, and ELSE tags to SHOW or HIDE content on the page based on the date. Is this possible on Freehostia? I had this working many years ago on another server (not Apache), so perhaps there isn't a way?

This is the code:

<!--#config timefmt="%B" -->

<!--hide -->
<!--#if expr="$DATE_LOCAL = February" -->
<!--show -->
<tr valign=top><th><img src="/img/deco-feb-tl.png" width=170 height=50 alt="Ornament"><th><img src="/img/inv.gif" width=20 height=50 alt=""><th><a href="pers/"><img src="/img/btn-personal.jpg" width=170 height=50 alt="About Me" border=0></a><th><img src="/img/inv.gif" width=20 height=50 alt=""><th><img src="/img/deco-feb-tr.png" width=170 height=50 alt="Ornament"></tr>
<!--hide -->

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