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 Post subject: Hi there, needing help with links
PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:59 am 

Joined: Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:47 am
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Hello there, an answer to this question will sure help me out, so I'll really appreciate it. I'll explain my question as precisely as possible so you can get a clear understanding of it (really the fact that it's a bit longer just means it ought to be easy to understand). After I can figure this out, my website will be pretty much finished so I'm excited about that. It goes like this, first you need to know what I've been able to do. My website came from the designer with two pages, a homepage and one other page that is linked from the homepage w/ some highlited text that you click on to go to the second page. The name that the second page came with looks something like this ../somename/website/somename/htm. The homepage and this page were seperate when I got them. I have Mi. Expression, so I just highlited the correct text, clicked on the hyperlink button and told it to link to the name of this page. On the internet, after I uploaded the homepage; before uploading this page- when I clicked on the highlited text, it took me to a blank pg. that said 'not found' and it had this appropriate address correctly in the browser ( And when I specified a path for this page in file management, it was easy enough, and the content of it came up fine. Now in retrospect here is my problem, my website is simple so these two pages are most of my site, however I wanted one other page to my site and this page didn't come from the designer. I wanted this page linked from the homepage with some different highlited text- simple right. So naturaly in expression, I just pushed the button, 'new webpage' and I filled in this page with the content and saved it. I highlited the correct text on the homepage and pushed 'hyperlink' and linked it to the name of this new page. In Expression it links fine when you push ctrl-right click and even when I push f-12 (or f-11) and the Exp. web previewer comes up and I put the curser over the text and just click on it and this page comes up fine. Now, this page is different than the first because I conjured it up in Exp. by clicking 'new page' rather than it coming from the developer. I said what the name of the first page is like, (../somename/etc.) and the name of this last page goes like file:///c:/documentsandsettings/name/mydocuments/mywebsites/name.htm. With that said, when I go to my site online, and click on the linked-text for this page, the curser turns to a hand, but nothing happens at all, it doesn't even take you to a blank page. The only other thing that happens (other than the curser turning to a hand) is the name of this page shows up in the bottum left of the screen, like everything else does. The fact that the first page took you to a blank page online, even before it was uploaded; and because the name of it made more sense and was shorter, it was easy to create a path and folder for it in file management. The 'long name' of this problem page and the other conotations of it just leave me guessing about where to put a folder for it in file management and what to name that folder. I've put a folder for it everywhere and named it everything and always, when your on the site- you click on that link and nothing happens at all, and the other link works fine. It's like that page needs to be renamed to be like the other one or something but I'm clueless. So that is my question, how to get this link working to go to that page. Thank you a whole lot for veiwing my question and any response would be great thank you a lot.

 Post subject: Hi there needing help with links
PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:30 pm 

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Hi guys,

What is going on with the main forum page? When I tried to enter everything seems to be in black color looks like a virus..Does anybody have the similar problem????

Thanks in advance..

îáó÷åíèå ìàññàæó, ïàðèêìàõåðîâ . Íåäîðîãî

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