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Cannot delete folder in file manager
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Author:  Temaran [ Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Cannot delete folder in file manager


One of the folders in my file manager seems to have some hidden file in it, which makes me unable to delete it. I tried installing myBB a while back, but due some other problems I had to switch, but when I tried to remove the folder I ran into this problem.

Some other information on what might have caused the error is that I tried setting permissions to about 50 files at the same time, but when I tried doing that, the webinterface seemed to hang (waited for ~30min) so I refreshed the page. The attempted deletion was a bit after this.

I can rename any folder in the offending hirarchy, but I can't remove them. I've also tried logging in with FTP, but it's the same problem there. At least when I do it from FTP, I get some type of error message (folder not empty). The only problem is that no matter which setting I do, I seem unable to see the hidden file. And yes, I have set filezilla to show hidden files, to no avail.

One final symptom is that when I try to open the last folder in the hierarchy in the file manager, I get a perpetual "spinning load animation symbol", So I'm guessing it's trying to display the file, but is unable to.

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