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 Post subject: Re: Can an old HTML website be rebuilt effectively?
PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2023 10:23 am 

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I understand your situation. Migrating a large website with numerous posts, pages, and content can indeed be a complex task, especially if the site is based on outdated HTML and certain elements are no longer functioning correctly. While manually copying and pasting each post may not be feasible for you, there are still potential solutions to reconstruct the website while retaining its functionality in HTML. Here are some suggestions:

Hire a web developer: Consider seeking the assistance of a professional web developer experienced in working with HTML and website migrations. They can assess the structure and functionality of your existing website, identify areas that need improvement or fixing, and help you reconstruct it to ensure proper functionality.

Automated tools: Explore the possibility of using automated tools that can assist in converting your existing HTML-based website to a WordPress-compatible format. These tools can help streamline the migration process by automatically transferring content, preserving links, and potentially reducing the manual effort required.

Content management systems (CMS): While you mentioned that migrating to WordPress seems impractical, it might still be worth considering other CMS options that could better accommodate your website's size and content. There are CMS platforms designed for handling large websites and offering tools for data migration. Consult with a web developer or do some research to find a CMS that suits your specific needs.

Freelance platforms and communities: Reach out to freelance web developers or join online communities where professionals with expertise in working with old HTML websites can offer their assistance. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or specialized web development forums can connect you with experts who can help reconstruct and improve your website.

When seeking assistance from professionals, be sure to clearly communicate your requirements, including the size and complexity of your website, the specific functionality you wish to retain, and any constraints you have regarding the migration process. Offering compensation for their services is a fair approach, as it recognizes their expertise and the effort involved in the task.

Remember to back up your existing website and any relevant data before making any changes or modifications to ensure the safety of your content throughout the migration process.

Overall, while reconstructing a large website based on outdated HTML may pose challenges, seeking professional assistance and exploring alternative solutions can help you achieve your goal of retaining functionality while migrating your website.

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